Facades, a comprehensive database of all Apple Stores

Facades is a new free application available on iPhone, iPad and Mac. Created by Apple Store specialist Michael Steeber, it aims to reference all Apple stores in the world, with all the useful information for each of them. Not the practical information like the opening hours, the Apple site already does it very well, but rather the details on the functions and even the history of each store.

Facades in action on macOS, here with the form of an open store.

You can use the search engine built into Facades to find a store, but the application also offers many filters. The stores are thus organized by region, by year of opening, by style or even by functions, which can be useful if you are looking for an Apple Store with a forum (239 out of 521) or one of the few with a counter for order picker (11). A few additional filters are present to list the stores that have moved, those that have been renamed and the 14 that have closed, including that of the Carrousel du Louvre which was the first to open in France and which closed its doors in 2018.

All this data is not necessary, but it will be of interest to fans of Apple and in particular its stores. Its creator had also created a hyper-detailed virtual version of a few Apple Stores last summer and his level of expertise in the field is unmatched. Facades is completely free and devoid of any advertising.

Its interface, like its data, is only available in English. The application requires iOS 16 and macOS 13 at least to be installed.


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