Ex-Tesla official develops 800 horsepower electric boat

Electricity is becoming widespread in transport, both on land and in the air or on water. Precisely, a former Tesla executive has set himself the goal of cleaning up boating by planning a 100% electric boat that also uses solar energy to power its systems.

BIG company founder John Vo says his goal is to revolve this industry, much like Tesla did with the automobile:Ten years ago, starting an electric car company made sense. But now it’s established […] electric boats, on the other hand, are a no-brainer. I want to bring a revolution to the industry“.

See you in 2024?

A prototype of the R30 boat will be presented at the CES in Las Vegas in January, then come four models in order to carry out all the necessary tests. As for marketing, it is scheduled for the second quarter of 2024.

This boat will have an imposing 221 kWh battery with liquid cooling. Its expandable solar panels will provide 2.7 kW of energy, allowing it to be refueled in a matter of minutes when docked. Both engines develop a power of 800 hp (600 kW), the v-max reaches the 72 km/h and the autonomy would be approximately 8 hours. John Vo specifies that the structure of the boat is made of aluminium, which will improve its longevity. A lifetime warranty on the hull will also be offered to buyers.

Still, this high-tech boat is not cheap… you have to count at least $300,000 to afford it.


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