Epic Games, enemy of Apple, sentenced to a large fine for violation of privacy

More than half a billion is the amount that the Epic Games version will owe.

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has just imposed the “biggest fine ever missed” on the man who went to war against Apple for violating children’s privacy and for targeting children with unwanted charges. in its own App Store. The creators of Fortnite have reached a settlement with the FTC for over $520 million.

The sprinkler watered?

The unprecedented penalty includes two “record settlements” according to the commission.

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Epic Games failed to protect children’s privacy and violated the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Violations of children’s privacy include allowing children and teenagers to be matched with strangers on the internet using voice communication while playing Fortnite. This feature was enabled by default, regardless of age.

Children and teenagers have been bullied, threatened, harassed and exposed to dangerous and psychologically traumatic situations, such as suicide, while playing Fortnite.

The company also collected children’s personal data without parental consent. It will cost Epic Games $275 million.

Fortnite is also accused of using dark patterns to entice players into making purchases, allowing children to make purchases without permission, and locking the accounts of players who dispute charges. Epic Games will have to reimburse $245 million to consumers according to the FTC settlement.

In 2014, Apple was forced by the FTC to reimburse customers $32.5 million for similarly allowing App Store purchases without having proper parental controls in place.

Epic Games founder and CEO Tim Sweeney has been a leading opponent of Apple and the way it operates its App Store on iPhone and iPad. The video game maker pulled Fortnite from the platform after it was not allowed to sell in-game credits without paying Apple’s 30% commission on digital purchases.

It is certainly Apple who should be delighted with this decision…

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