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Losing your keys, your phones or even your wallet happens to everyone on a daily basis. To never lose anything again, Amazon offers for a limited time the pack of 4 AirTags with an 8% discount.

Apple is a brand known for its many tech products: iPhone, MacBook, iPad, or even AirPods. In 2021, the apple firm unveiled a new accessory: the AirTag. Thanks to it, you will never lose any object again and above all will be able to easily get your hands on your keys for example.

The AirTag is a small round-shaped device that allows you to locate your objects. On Amazon, the set of 4 AirTags is normally sold for 129 euros. It is currently displayed at only 119 euros.

Say goodbye to lost items with the set of 4 AirTags

An AirTag can be attached to your keys, slipped into your bag or even in a suitcase. Thanks to this small accessory, you can easily follow your objects thanks to the Locate application. If you think you’ve lost something or just can’t find it, just go to the Find My app and ring the AirTag for the item in question. You can also say “Hey Siri, where is…?” “. In each AirTag there is a speaker and the latter will thus remember to help you find it. If the AirTag is nearby, your iPhone can even guide you to find it. Thanks to the integrated Ultra Wideband technology, the distance which separates you from him, and the direction to follow can be displayed. And just like on an iPhone, you can enable Lost Mode on an AirTag. On Amazon, the set of 4 AirTags is sold for only 119 euros!

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