Elon Musk promises, Steam will be in Teslas next month

Elon Musk just made the announcement on twitter. Steam will soon be available in Teslas starting next month.

Everyone knows Elon Musk in the tech world for his businesses. The three best known being Tesla, SpaceX and The Boring Company. Three companies that have the same boss, and therefore the same communication. Questionable marketing made of announcements on Twitter and big declarations in conferences.

The Tesla boss knows how to talk, likes to do it, but often puts engineers back to the wall by promising things that are technically impossible. In one of his last tweets, Elon Musk notably mentioned Steam, a video game platform that could soon arrive in Teslas.

Integration will happen “next month”

The announcement had already been made in the past by the boss of the electric car brand, but now the subject has come back to the table with more precision. According to the message of less than 280 characters from the boss of the firm, Tesla is “on track” to insert Steam into its on-board computer and it will therefore be possible “as of next month” to have a first demonstration of this new system. of game.

As a reminder, Tesla cars already have some games included in Tesla Arcade. These allow you to wait at charging stations, in particular. But it is also possible for passengers to play during a journey, an option that caused a stir a few months ago when it arrived.

an alert message requires the passenger to confirm that he is not driving while playing, but the latter is still not sufficient according to road safety associations which are asking Tesla to return the use of games on the dashboard screen not possible while driving.

Steam in Teslas: how and when?

With the arrival of Steam’s catalog of games, Tesla is not likely to meet the expectations of road safety associations, and games will be increasingly numerous in the on-board computer of the brand’s electric cars. Despite everything, the arrival of Steam still raises several questions.

Indeed, no one knows for the moment if all the games will be available in the Tesla or if the games will be designed exclusively for the cars of the American brand. Elon Musk has announced that there should be a demonstration possible next month, probably thanks to an update to the operating system of Tesla cars. As a reminder, the Model S and X have an AMD Ryzen processor designed for on-board games. Elon Musk had announced in the past that this chip would one day make it possible to play The Witcher or Cyberpunk 2077 from his car.

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