does the Meta group go straight into the wall (of tickets)?

In a lengthy blog post, Bosworth reflects on the very difficult year spent and the many challenges the company faced: Economic challenges across the world, combined with pressures on Meta’s core business, have created a perfect storm of skepticism about the investments we are making. However, there is no question of slowing down on spending, since the CTO reaffirms Meta’s intention to spend more in the metaverse.

Bosworth thus gives the figure of 20% of the total expenses of Meta in the metaverse branch authorized for developments, with an emphasis on augmented reality. The collaboration with Ray-Ban on the Ray-Ban Stories shows this well, as does the Meta Quest Pro, the brand’s latest VR headset capable of filming the environment around you in color. Augmented reality seems to be a priority subject for the company, which wants to put the means into it, whatever the cost. Investors meanwhile are priced to be patient, as the technology won’t be perfected for several years, Meta warns.

The CTO also promises an improvement inHorizon Worlds, the virtual world that only attracts a few tens of thousands of believers each month. On the program: a graphic evolution, new games presented and a new VR headset, the Meta Quest 3, for 2023.

If hardly anyone cares about the metaverse, isn’t it time to shut it all down? Andrew Bosworth responds in the negative and adds that it would have disastrous consequences “. On the contrary, the money and the time invested for these ” fundamental pieces of technology are essential for the future of the company imagined by Mark Zuckerberg. ” We will live with the benefits of this work for decades to come. ‚Äúsays the CTO.

The brutal and massive dismissal of 11,000 employees must certainly allow Meta to make great operating savings to finance its research. To see now if the shareholders will have the patience to wait a decade to favor or not the fruit of their investment.

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