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You may have missed it, the editorial staff of Frandroid presented its list of the best tech products of the year. Do not panic: here is the complete summary of each category.

This year 2022 has been rather rich in terms of tests by the editorial staff of Frandroid. On the occasion of our live Twitch to award the Frandroid Tech Awards, all the journalists from our editorial staff declared honorary prizes to the products that we have proven. Find the entire list of winners listed in our buying guides.


We begin first with the main category of Frandroid : the phones. For the occasion, several themes were put on during the evening, including the best smartphones of 2022.

It is therefore the Oppo Find X5 Pro which is crowned best smartphone of the year by our editorial staff. With a score of 9/10 on its test, the product ticks all the boxes: Design, performance, photo and fast charging among others. It outperforms its two rivals: the iPhone 14 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Here is the full list of winners for the category.

Whether it’s for its fluid and smooth interface, perhaps the best on Android, its very own photo grain that puts everything on clarity and knows how to capture a scene by magnifying it, or even the comfort of fast loading and its powerful chip… The Oppo Find X5 Pro ticks all the shells of the high-end smartphone without accusing any major embarrassing defect. No one will regret the absence of a telephoto lens to see a little further, but that’s all we can blame him for. Sign of a very great vintage, since I no longer use it, I simply miss it. Titouan Gourlin, smartphone journalist on Frandroid.

Laptop PCs

The winner

7 /ten

Apple MacBook Air 2022 M2

  • Build quality
  • Completely silent
  • Its autonomy

The other major category in Frandroid these are laptops. This year, the market was once again very competitive among the major players. If you want to sort it out: our guide to the best laptops of 2022 is available.

It was the MacBook Air M2 that was rewarded. It is a top-of-the-range ultraportable, easy to use, silent and autonomous. The only real defect of the product is its price: from 1500 euros. The podium is completed by the Asus Zenbook S 13 Oled and the Lenovo Yoga Slim 7i Carbon. Find below the whole of the winners of the PC universe.

Despite a rising price, the MacBook Air M2 stands out as the benchmark for portable PCs in 2022. Good in performance, good in autonomy, with a neat design, it also offers us a vision of the future of computing thanks to the Apple’s successful transition to ARM. Cassim Ketfi, PC section editor on Frandroid.

electric cars

The alternative

8 /ten


  • Driving pleasure
  • Very attractive for its price
  • No route planner

You couldn’t have missed it this year, electric cars gaining more and more importance on the market and especially in France. For its part, the editorial staff of Frandroid has multiplied vehicle tests to determine that it is the best electric car of 2022.

The Tesla Model Y Propulsion 2022 is the model that obtained this honorary title. It stands out from increasingly fierce competition thanks to an excellent quality/price ratio. Above all, you are entitled to the best performance from the American manufacturer while taking advantage of the network of SuperChargers. On the podium are the MG4 and the Skoda Enyaq Coupé RS iV.

The Tesla Model Y Propulsion is the electric car with the best value for money: comfort, roominess, performance, semi-autonomous driving, fast charging: it’s all there. We just regret its lower autonomy than the more expensive models. Vincent Sergere, head of the Auto section on Frandroid.


On Frandroid, audio brings together several product categories. From headphones to soundbars to Bluetooth speakers, the choice is vast. This year, our editorial team invites you to distinguish the best wireless headphones released in 2022.

The category winners are the Apple AirPods 2 Pro. Impossible not to miss this pair of Bluetooth headphones as long as they have seduced us. With a score of 9/10, they simply offer the best services on the market today, far ahead of the competition. The Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II and the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro complete the podium.

The AirPods Pro 2 are a real leap forward in terms of audio quality for wireless headphones. Although they are primarily designed for the Apple ecosystem, they are still widely usable with other devices. As a bonus, they offer excellent comfort and very high level noise reduction. Geoffroy Husson, Head of the Audio section on Frandroid.


On the television market, the year was quite special since it resumed with a shortage and ended with the World Cup, one of the highlights for manufacturers. Some references have been tried by Frandroid and the best of them are even placed in our guide to the best TVs of the year.

This year, the Panasonic TX-65LZ2000E television wins the prize. The TV is a real favorite thanks to impeccable image quality with a bright panel and good color fidelity. In the gaming part, it has the lowest response times measured by us this year. In short, we highly recommend this model. The other two mentions are the LG 55OLEDG2 TV and the Philips 55OLED936.

Connected watches

Connected watches are essential everyday accessories to accompany your smartphone. Like every year, manufacturers offer their new models with more improvements and the ambition to be a good companion. Our selection of the best connected watches available includes all the products tested.

Our editorial team has chosen to reward the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. This is a clever balance between smartwatch and sports watch. It offers a multitude of features for everyday use, but above all a two-day autonomy, chosen quite rare under WearOS. With the Samsung ecosystem, you will have an ideal product every day. The list is completed by the Apple Watch Series 6 and the Google Pixel Watch.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro offers excellent battery life while integrating the complete ecosystem of Wear OS watches, with a large number of applications. Its design is also rather attractive and its screen is of excellent quality. Geoffroy Husson, wearable section manager at Frandroid.


The mobility sector is booming in the tech sector. Frandroid’s editorial staff is testing several types of products: electric bikes, scooters and even electric scooters. It is the latter that are honored at the Frandroid Awards. If you want our full review, check out our best electric scooter buying guide.

Our team highlighted the Silence S01 Plus scooter. The latter obtained the score of 9/10 during our test with many advantages to highlight. The equivalent 125 cc scooter offers a fairly impeccable design while being comfortable once seated on the saddle. The excellent autonomy and the connectivity in place make it the best electric scooter of 2022. It is ahead of the BMW CE 04 and the Segway-Ninebot E125S.

  • The best value for money scooter: Niu NQi GTS (2022)
  • The best electric bike: IWEECH
  • The best value for money bike: MR C5
  • The best electric scooter: Segway P100SE Scooter

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