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Are you looking for inexpensive wireless headphones? Decathlon hit hard with this model for less than 25 euros!

Great novelty at Decathlon! The firm has everyone in agreement with wireless headphones for less than 25 euros! A must-have to have to do your sports exercises in fun! We tell you everything!

Decathlon facilitates the practice of sport

In this winter period, more and more people sign up for the gym. If some people need to lose weight before the Christmas holidays, others are also and above all the need to feel good about themselves. For this, there is nothing more pleasant than a one and a half hour session. A perfect time to clear your head, while taking care of your muscles.

And if however you do not have the means to go to the gym, or even the time, no problem! You can therefore choose the necessary equipment to do your activities at home. Decathlon is the ideal place since you can find everything you need there. A simple mat for stretching, or for practicing yoga.

Adapted baskets found in all Decathlon departments. There are also bicycles of all kinds. Ellipticals, cyclists, bikes for cardio…

But that’s not all ! Decathlon also sells chocolate bars to give you energy. There are also powders to gain mass more easily. And even headphones. They existing by ten in the shelves of Decathlon. They are very important to stay focused in your workout.

Decathlon hits hard with its wireless headphones for less than 25 euros!

Decathlon hits hard with its wireless headphones for less than 25 euros!

Inexpensive wireless headphones

When you exercise with headphones with wires, it can quickly become unpleasant. Especially during jump rope practice. That’s why Decathlon has thought of everything! Indeed, the firm has decided to make you happy by selling wireless headphones.

They are perfect for doing any kind of activity, without being disturbed by wires. And one thing is certain, these Decathlon models defy all competition ! They even rival headphones from the Amazon firm.

First, know that they are only 24.90 euros. A price that seems ridiculous for headphones. And yet, they are very strong. Decathlon then offers an autonomy of 32 hours. Know that they are onealso compatible with voice assistants. Perfect for changing sounds or increasing the volume.

So there is touch control that makes all the difference. Added to this is also a noise reduction that allows you to stay in your little cocoon. We love !

But that’s not all ! Decathlon also offers a hands-free option, a Bluetooth connection and even IPX4 water resistance. The but being that they can resist water, sweat or even dust. You will therefore be able to do your sport in all possible conditions.

The purchase kit for these Decathlon headphones therefore includes two SPC Ether headphones, a charging box. But also a USB-C charging cable, then a headphone pad. Let’s not forget the fixing adapter of different sizes and a quick guide.Bluetooth 5.1. If the price is only 24.90 euros, it is above all because these Decathlon headphones therefore have a 28% discount included. Rather interesting isn’t it!

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