death of the novelist Françoise Bourdin

Michèle Benbunan, Managing Director of the Editis group, declares in a press release: “ I extend my most sincere condolences to the family of Françoise Bourdin, to her two daughters, Fabienne and Frédérique, to her grandchildren, I am thinking of all the teams, from Belfond, from Plon and from Pocket, who have worked with her for so many years, as well as its millions of loyal readers. »

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Françoise Bourdin is the author of nearly fifty books, including 42 with Belfond editions, and the last with Plon editions where she had followed her editor for more than 10 years, Céline Thoulouze. Several of his books have been adapted for television. Françoise Bourdin had conquered a large readership, with his family storieshis dramas and his joys, his limpid and chiseled writing.

As she wrote herself: The family is an infinite field, an inexhaustible subject. It constitutes the Roman material par excellence because it represents a society in reduction with its secrets, its passions, its resentments, its rivalries, its jealousies, its pettiness. She is also the ultimate refuge. My characters confront existence, with its good and bad times, they don’t give up. This life lesson is the red thread of my work “.

Françoise Bourdin has often been described as a popular author, which she was proud of, she who had at heart to write stories that resembled us. The group’s teams keep the memory of a imaginative author, executed in writing and close to her readers, of a passionate and independent woman, who liked to talk about her love for speed, for horses and cars.

Everyone also keeps the memory of Françoise Bourdin, mother and grandmother always attentive, favoring the moments spent with her family, protected from her dogs, in her house in Normandy, which was her refuge.

Accompanying Françoise Bourdin in the defense of her works was a real source of pride and working alongside her on a daily basis was a deep joy, she recognized through his immense work to touch the readerswith his sense of story and characters, because his books have this rare ability to touch everyone.

We will find the novelist in a podcast, an interview she gave us from her Normandy lands:

Photo credits: Françoise Bourdin-Coul © Mélania Avanzato

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