Construction Simulator 2 now available on Google Play Pass

astragon entertainment announced that Construction Simulator 2 for smartphones and tablets under android is now available on Google Play pass.

Users of this service will therefore be able to add and download this famous episode of the Construction Simulator series for free in their Google Play library.

Starting out as the owners of a small construction company on the western plains of an imaginary state in the United States, players in Construction Simulator 2 will have the opportunity to grow their careers and become the most great real estate magnate of the whole region. To achieve this goal, players can access more than 40 licensed vehicles and construction machinery from well-known brands during the game.

In addition to the wide variety of vehicles and machinery, there are more than 60 exciting contracts and missions awaiting players, for them to possibly dig construction pits, control huge cranes, pour concrete to their heart’s content, repair roads, and much more!

At the same time, Construction Simulator 2 offers a wide range of other features: an advanced economic system, the possibility of maintaining vehicles, an open and free access world, a day / night cycle, and construction and transport missions. many and varied to ensure almost endless fun!

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