Chinese students design an invisibility cloak to evade CCTV

What if Harry Potter’s magic in a CCTV world was mostly about making himself invisible to security cameras?

In China, where video surveillance combined with artificial intelligence is widely deployed, students have designed a coat – called InvisDefense – to escape the eye of the cameras.

During the day, patterns generated by algorithms disrupt detection and at night, heat emitters integrated into the jacket confuse the infrared cameras. A revolutionary concept which, in the event of commercialization, would cost only 70 euros.

Tested on the campus of Wuhan University where the students come from, the InvisDefense coat showed impressive results: precision in detecting pedestrians down 57%.

Is this a militant approach to fight against video surveillance? Absolutely not. The students who designed this coat as part of a competition supported by Huawei where they came first, explain that they want to point out, on the one hand, the failures of existing surveillance systems to make them even more efficient and, on the other hand. hand, to enable the military to better protect themselves in the event of drone attacks.

The concept of an invisibility cloak is in any case dreamy, moreover other attempts have already been made.

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