check out the amazing design of Google’s first foldable smartphone

Renderings of the Google Pixel Fold have just been unveiled through images shared by OnLeaks. The opportunity to discover the promising design of Google’s first foldable smartphone which would come up against increasingly fierce competition.

The first images of the Pixel Fold (or NotePad) reveal a design which is perhaps not the most original in the world, but which has the merit of distinguishing itself from its competitors in several aspects. We also take stock of the dimensions and technical characteristics expected of the product.

Google is working well on a foldable Pixel

Google has been talking about a foldable smartphone for over a year. Called Pixel NotePad or Pixel Fold, the product is generating a lot of expectation for several reasons. The first obviously concerns its design and characteristics. Points to which we will return in a moment.

The other reason is software. Android belongs to Google and the company will have to offer an interface adapted to the flexible format. This would offer enormous prospects to other manufacturers who currently have to adapt their interface to the CE format, as Samsung is doing with its Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 4.

The software experience being the great strength of Google smartphones, it is on this aspect that the phone will be expected, thus laying the foundations of what a small Android tablet should be.

Today, leaker OnLeaks is sharing images of what the Google Pixel Fold might look like, based on the product information and dimensions it managed to obtain. Google would not reinvent the wheel in the sense that the design is close to that of a Galaxy Z Fold 4, but with a square format that is reminiscent of that of Oppo Find N.

Like its competitors, Google offered a phone that, when unfolded, turned into a mini tablet. For this, the Pixel Fold would count on an external screen of 5.79 inches and an internal screen of 7.69 inches. The whole thing would fit in dimensions of 158.7 x 139.7 x 5.7mm. Taking into account the full-length camera block, the phone should be 8.3mm thick.

One more smartphone in the arena?

2023 is expected to be the year of greater international competition in the foldable smartphone market. Long alone, Samsung will now have to reckon with its Chinese competitors like Oppo, Vivo or even Xioami. After the failure of Microsoft’s Surface Duo and waiting for Apple to launch a foldable iPhone, Google would be the only American brand to offer a foldable smartphone next year.

Building on its strengths, Google could offer a photo configuration similar to that of the Pixel 7 Pro, namely: a wide-angle, an ultra-wide-angle and a telephoto lens. There are also two front cameras. One centered at the top of the external screen, the other positioned in the black border above the internal screen.

In the images, we also notice the presence of two speakers for stereo sound, a USB-C connector, but also four microphones and a hatch for the SIM card. No need to look for a jack, there is none. Google should also make the logical choice to integrate a Tensor chip into its foldable smartphone. SoCs that don’t seek to compete with the competition when it comes to performance, but instead focus on their ability to handle tasks related to machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Many questions come up around this Google Pixel Fold, starting with its price. A price of 1799 dollars is mentioned, which seems high to us compared to the competition and it does not resemble the aggressive pricing strategy implemented by Google on its latest Pixel smartphones.

Google could announce its Pixel Fold in May 2023, which is the month when the next Google I/O conference should take place. A timing that resembles that of the Pixel 7 that the company presented in May 2022, but which were not marketed until November 2022.

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OneLeaks and Howtoisolve

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