Chart: The most popular searches on Google in 2022

The end of the year is the time for retrospectives. Every year, Google unveils the list of the most popular queries on its search engine. More specifically, it is a trend analysis based on the increase in requests for a given subject, from one year to the next. Our infographic provides an overview of the topics that saw the biggest increase in interest in France in 2022, in a selection of categories.

At the top of the general trends, we unsurprisingly find the war in Ukraine and Russia, which occupied the front of the media scene this year, but also the World Cup in Qatar and the presidential election. We also note the names of Gaspard Ulliel and Jean-Pierre Pernault (4th and 6th rank in trends), two French personalities who unfortunately died this year.

As analysis of the questions (Where? What is it?) also reveals, finding gasoline and mustard has caused particular interest, as have new acronyms such as NUPES, the union of left-wing parties formed before the legislative elections, and NFTs (non-fungible tokens), these digital goods or assets that have been talked about a lot recently. Triggered several times this year, 49.3, the article of the Constitution which allows the government to pass a text without a vote, is also one of the most searched terms by Internet users.

Regarding TV series and programs, the return of “Star Academy” on TF1 tops the trends on Google, followed by two Netflix series: “Stranger Things” and “Dahmer”. Finally, on the kitchen side, the 2022 menu consists of “Caesar salad”, “tabbouleh”, “gombo” and “clafoutis” – the four recipes having recorded the greatest increase in interest in France this year. In fifth position, we find (still) mustard, an essential condiment for the French, as confirmed by the impact of the shortage on research.

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