catastrophic end to the year for the American manufacturer

The days go by and look alike at Tesla. In recent weeks, numerous accidents involving Tesla cars (and in particular the brand’s new S model) have been reported around the world. Today, a car from the American manufacturer caught fire after crashing into a wall.

The pictures are impressive. While driving on a highway in the United States, a motorist encountered, on his way, a completely damaged Tesla ravaged by flames. According to the information transmitted by its driver (safe and sound), the car, then steered by autopilotone violently hit, on his left, the security wall causing the explosion and the start of the fire.

A Tesla catches fire, a new disaster for the American manufacturer © Pixabay

The 2018 Model X in question did not even show 10,000 kilometers on the odometer. Its owner has already let it be known that he regrets his purchase. The repeated display screen bugs encountered by the latter as well as calculation errors attributed to the autopilot or even breakdowns of the on-board computer, while on the road, would have caused the driver to dislike the brand.

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Tesla cars causing accidents, stock market falls sharply

It is clear that this event is, unfortunately, not an isolated case. Indeed, for several weeks, accidents or problems involving a Tesla vehicle have been increasing. Two days ago, a Tesla unable to charge a user unable to connect to his family for the holidays. The day before, a pile-up involving another Tesla S, also in autonomous driving, crashed 8 vehicles. Earlier this year, this same model was involved in an accident which caused the death of the 3 occupants of the car.

All these accidents have recently caused an unexpected drop in the car manufacturer’s stock market action. Indeed, by analyzing a period of one calendar year, Tesla’s stock market has already lost 65% of its original value, or 700 billion dollars. A catastrophic result for the American company which would be due to the repeated problems encountered by its cars but also to the chaotic management of the firm by its owner. Indeed, after having bought Twitter, Elon Musk, seems probably more busy managing all the controversies created by his decisions than by the current affairs of his automobile company.


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