By order of China, Apple would have modified the AirDrop function

Apple will make a significant change in the operation of AirDrop, a function that makes it easy to share a file or a photo between iPhone. And China is no stranger to it…

Since its launch in 2011, the AirDrop function has made it very easy to transfer a document or photo between iPhone, iPad and Mac. Three settings are available: the user can not allow an entire AirDrop share, only allow it for saved contacts, or allow it for everyone without exception. This last option will change in the course of next year.

Reduce exchanges between demonstrators

Apple will indeed apply a delay to the “everyone” setting, which will be limited to ten minutes. Until now, there was no temporary limit, and there still is… with the exception of China! iOS 16.1.1, which has been available for a few days, added this option for users in the country. Apple said the throttling will roll out globally sometime next year to reduce unwanted file sharing.

Its creation, AirDrop is used to make jokes in the best of cases, and in the worst to harass users and especially iPhone users in public transport: many of them complain of having received “dick pics” and other unwanted photos. However, this has never really bothered Apple so far. The manufacturer has made few changes to its technology over the years, so why now?

Rumor has it that this new one was likely imposed by Chinese authorities after protesters shared anti-government materials using AirDrop. This delay should reduce these exchanges, even if the ten-minute window is quite wide (Could Beijing ask for an even shorter delay?).

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