Bitwarden is preparing an app to display 2FA codes on the Apple Watch

Bitwarden, 1Password’s competitor password manager, is in turn preparing an application for watchOS. In closed beta for a few days, this version intended for the Apple Watch is not a complete password manager on the wrist, of course. Its objective is above all to offer simplified access to the double authentication codes which are increasingly requested by websites and applications. If so, you’ll be able to see the code on your watch, which can be handy depending on the situation.

While waiting to be able to test the final version of the application, this page of Bitwarden’s documentation gives a good idea of ​​what to expect. The app will only display temporary second authentication codes, not passwords. The user will see a list and he will have to choose the site or the service, there will be nothing automatic on this side. This should therefore remain much more practical using the extension of a web browser, but this may be an option on a computer or smartphone other than yours.

Bitwarden specifies in passing that the data is integrated into the secure enclave, but that you must always set a code on your watch to limit unwanted access. This is a general advice that is valid even without using this application, especially since the iPhone associated with the Apple Watch can automatically unlock it when it is nearby and you have the device on your wrist.

If you use Bitwarden, you can apply to participate in the beta program here.


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