Before Christmas, this Dolby Atmos-compatible Samsung soundbar is 40% off

If you’re not happy with the sound on your TV, you might be tempted to add the Samsung HW-S60B soundbar to it. The latter drops to 239 euros instead of 399 euros requested at the base.

Samsung HW-S60B // Source: official website

With a few exceptions, the audio part is often neglected on televisions, even high-end ones. That’s why adding a soundbar is a great option to give your living room a boost. For this, Samsung is one of the best in the field and proves it with its recent HW-S60B model. This sound bar is able to simulate a 3D sound environment thanks to Dolby Atmos and DTS technologies, and which has the advantage of being 160 euros cheaper today.

What does this Samsung soundbar offer?

  • A neat and compact design
  • With rich and powerful sound enabled by 7 speakers
  • Dolby Atmos Wireless and DTS:X compatible

Offered at 399 euros on release, the Samsung HW-S60B soundbar is discounted at 339 euros on the Boulanger site, but with the valid ODR until January 10, 2023it costs you only 239 euros.

Sleek, compact, easy to install

To begin with, the design of this soundbar is elegant and minimalist, a beautiful object that benefits from good manufacturing quality worthy of Samsung.

One of the great things about the Samsung HW-S60B is its size, it’s only 67cm wide, can fit easily in front of the vast majority of 50-inch+ TVs, and it won’t encroach on either the bottom of the image with its 6.5 cm height. It will easily be placed on a piece of furniture or hung on a wall discreetly, especially since it weighs no more than 3 kilos, which makes it very light and easy to move. Know that you could, if you wish, fix it to the wall.

Small, but powerful enough

Regarding the audio part, the HW-S60B soundbar incorporates 7 speakers, including a central one to ensure a clearer and clearer reproduction of voices. If this model does not have a basic subwoofer, it provides a rich and immersive sound experience thanks to these 5 channels. Even with its small size, it is capable of broadcasting sound in 3D, which is made possible thanks to compatibility with Dolby Atmos and DTS Virtual:X technologies. A more immersive way to enjoy movies and series, all without any wires.

And by combining it with a QLED television from the brand, you can take advantage of the Q-Symphony technology developed by the manufacturer, which provides a more advanced, more immersive experience as well as better sound reproduction. On the connector side, the soundbar has an optical input and an HDMI port. In addition to Bluetooth, it will also be compatible with Wi-Fi and HDMI eARC. And for owners of Samsung smartphones, the Tap Sound function allows you to continue playing your music by simply placing your phone on the sound bar. Apple AirPlay 2 and Chromecast are also in the game to stream music, movies or podcasts from your smartphone. Finally, Samsung plays the card connected and offers compatibility with the assistant of Amazon Alexa.

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