At last ! Google offers Matter to Google, Android and Nest connected objects

In detail, the connected speakers Google Home Mini, Nest Mini, Nest Audio, Nest Hub (1re and 2e generations), Nest Hub Max as well as the new Nest Wifi Pro and the first Google Home of the name are now compatible with Matter. In addition, the Nest Wifi Pro, Nest Hub Max and Nest Hub (2e generation) are compatible with Thread, another communication protocol that improves the connection between the different objects present in the house.

On the Android side, Matter allows Google to expand its Fast-Pair device. This technology is known to smartphone owners and makes it possible, for example, to connect a pair of headphones with a single tap. The process will be the same for adding a new connected object to your home, without having to go through a long and tedious configuration.

All is not perfect for all that in the best of worlds. Limitations are still present, and if Google claims to work with Samsung to offer control of SmartThings objects from the Google Home application, and vice versa, this will not happen before 2023. The search engine will also offer support next year. complete for iOS and hopefully interoperability with HomeKit devices.

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