At just €109, this Samsung soundbar boosts the sound of your TV on the cheap

Several brands offer different solutions to enhance the sound of televisions. Samsung has designed the HW-T420, an efficient soundbar that goes from 149 euros to only 109 euros thanks to a cumulative discount at an ODR.

SAMSUNG HW-T420 // Source: Samsung

Of all the solutions to improve the sound quality of TVs, the sound bar is undoubtedly one of the most affordable while providing notable performance. In this regard, the Samsung HW-T420 ticks all the boxes with interesting features. This model costs 40 euros less thanks to an offer at Boulanger.

The Samsung HW-T420 in brief

  • Wire bar with wire box;
  • A power of 150 Watts RMS;
  • Good sound reproduction.

Instead of 149 euros normally, the Samsung HW-T420 is now available on sale at 109 euros at Boulanger with a manufacturer ODR combined with a discount of 20 euros.

An elegant design and a beautiful finish

The shape of the HW-T420 is classic for a soundbar. That said, as usual for all these devices, Samsung takes care of the finish of this model. This translates into dimensions of 86 x 5.4 x 7.4 cm for 1.5 kg. It’s thin enough to fit under a TV. Sleek and compact, the HW-T420 will blend in with the decor.

Installing the soundbar is very easy. This is done by the single connector presented on the HW-T420 (an optical input). This model has a subwoofer as well as three loudspeakers whose power effectively covers between 20 and 40 m². The whole produces a satisfactory sound reproduction.

Sound performance at the rendezvous

The Samsung HW-T420 is certainly designated for the mid-range segment, but its characteristics are not for all that unbridled. The sound configuration of the soundbar offers a 2.1 surround rendering, in other words an immersive sound. The bass is deep and intense thanks to the wired box as well as the arrangement of the speakers. With a total power of 150 Watts RMS, the sound effectively covers the room.

In addition, the soundbar is Dolby Digital compatible. For a better experience, three modes are available: game, standard and surround. They are accessible by activating the function Clever. The experience is thus optimized according to the type of content you are viewing. Finally, Bluetooth connectivity is included.

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