At -50%, this 50-inch QLED TV from Samsung is the right deal to change your TV

Samsung is a big name in the field of televisions, the Korean giant has countless models. Among those in 4K, there is the Samsung QE50Q60B television released this year. The latter is sold at a discount: it only costs 429 euros instead of 899 euros.

Samsung QLED 50Q60B 2022

Thanks to proven expertise and cutting-edge innovations in display technologies, Samsung-branded televisions are known to be reliable, efficient and durable, across all ranges. In the QLED segment, there is the Samsung QE50Q60B 2022 television. This model costs 470 euros less on Rue de Commerce with a manufacturer ODR.

The highlights of the Samsung QE50Q60B 2022 TV

  • The power of Quantum Dot.
  • 4K quantum lite processor.
  • A slim and elegant design with 4K QLED display.

Instead of 899 euros normally, the Samsung QE50Q60B 2022 television is now available on sale at 429 euros at Rue du Commerce with a Samsung ODR.

The TV experience according to Samsung

The Samsung QE50Q60B 2022 television is a glimpse of the know-how of the Korean firm. Several proprietary technologies have been incorporated into this TV. To offer even more depth to the contrast and richness to the colours, Samsung has developed its Dual LED technology. It’s with fashion Movie theater that it reveals all its power. It’s just eye candy.

No less than three technologies are deployed to guarantee immersive and precise sound. Several speakers are broadcast around the TV. With OTS Lite, the speakers closest to an object on the screen activate. Q-Symphony for its part synchronize them to deliver surround sound. Scenes are analyzed in real time by Adaptive Sound to optimize sound.

A multifunction television

Powered by the Quantum Processor lite 4K, the Samsung QE50Q60B 2022 TV is also SmartThings compatible. You can thus control it via the main virtual assistants: Bixby, Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant. On this model, you can make calls on the big screen. This is possible thanks to the integrated Google Duo. With Multi View, view the same content on the TV and on other terminals.

This model is also a real hub. There is of course Samsung TV Plus which gives access to free channels. Gamers will love Samsung Gaming Hub, which lets you play exclusive titles without downloading. In addition, the television gives access to the Xbox Game Pass, which exempts you from buying a console to take advantage of it. If you wish, you can switch to the immersive 32:9 format during your sessions.

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