At 130 km/h on the highway, his Tesla Model 3 crashes! (video)

A Tesla Model 3 owner saw his car stall at 130 km/h on the highway. The American manufacturer remains silent on its side.

It’s on a highway in the south of the California that Javier Rodriguez, owner of a Tesla Model 3certainly lived through the biggest fright of his life ! As he drove at 130km/h, he realized that his infotainment screen it was frozen. Soon after, he started to feel the car warm up as well as a funny smell. His misadventure was then only to start.

All features stopped working

Buttons, switches, indicators, hazard warning lights and… accelerator pedal: almost all fonctionnalities Javier Rodriguez’s Model 3 then stopped working! Fortunately, more fear than harm for the driver and for other road users since he was able to park on the side of the pavement and to restart in model 3.

A bug amazing and disturbing “I was afraid that if I braked a lot, I wouldn’t be able to reaccelerate afterwards to keep up with the traffic”Rodriguez explained. “I was afraid that someone would hit me”. A high-risk situation but, fortunately, the driver was able to keep cool son.

No response from Tesla

The police then helped our unfortunate motorist. A little traumatized, he went to Tesla to ask explinations. After verifications, the American manufacturer indicated that she wouldn’t pick up the reason for this problem.

The report precise “miscommunication between the charging port hatch and the on-board computer, causing the power system to shut down to protect on-board components during the journey.”

A situation that does not satisfy Javier Rodriguez, and we can understand that “It happened on the highway, at 130 km/h and with other motorists around me. And all they tell me is: we fixed it. I need someone to explain to me”. Tesla, on the other hand, refuse to react.

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