Apple’s Self Service Repair Store opens to desktop Macs

Launched last April in the United States, Apple’s Self Service Repair Store initially only concerned the iPhone before it opened up to portable Macs last August. Apple has just added desktop Macs: there is the iMac M1 (with two or four ports), the Mac mini M1, the Mac Studio as well as the Studio Display. For each of these models, it is possible to order the spare parts necessary for most repairs. Apple also offers the right tools, for purchase for small repairs or localization for operations requiring a more complex kit.

To accompany the possibility for individuals to repair their desktop Macs themselves, Apple has posted manuals for disassembling the computers in question. They are extremely detailed and each step is illustrated. For the Mac Studio for example, the repair guide reaches 156 pages.

Mac Studio Teardown Manual

This addition of desktop Macs to Apple’s Self Service Repair Store is only for the United States for now, although this service was launched in multiple European countries including France a few weeks ago. The arrival of these repair kits on the Old Continent is probably only a matter of time.

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