Apple would have planned a stylus … before abandoning it

A leaker assures that Apple had an important novelty to show us in September for the iPhone 14: a stylus. Similar to Samsung’s S-Pen, the latter might have been discontinued at the last minute by the brand.

The S Pen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, for illustration // Source: Arnaud Gelineau – Frandroid

While many iPhone users cherish the hope in vain of one day finding an Apple stylus dedicated to the device, we learn from iMore that the firm would indeed have had an S-Pen equivalent under the elbow for its iPhone 14. However, the device would have been abandoned at the very last minute before the September event and the official presentation of the group’s four new smartphones.

The information, to be taken with all the necessary hindsight, comes from the Chinese social network Weibo where a leak broke down a few days ago. If his post has since been deleted, his words were taken up by DuanRui and shared on Twitter to better reach the West. In detail, we discover that this style would have worked as much with the iPhone as the iPad and that its price would have been limited to 49 dollars.

A really tangible rumor?

According to the leaker, this aborted stylus was codenamed ” Marker pen “. Its ridiculous price, surprising at Apple, would have been allowed thanks to the removal of most of the advanced features offered by the brand’s other styluses. No detection of the pressure retained on the mine for example. The accessory was without a battery. Designed to be passive, it would have simply taken advantage of an integrated chip allowing it to be animated directly via the screen with which it would have been put in contact.

The new Apple Pencil even supported the iPhone, but the project was discontinued closer to launch. It is said that more than one million levels had been stored at that time, and now they should all be scrapped.(2/2)


— DuanRui (@duanrui1205) November 24, 2022

We also learn that Apple would have made this stylus up to 1 million units to be ready for marketing as soon as the iPhone 14 is launched. This million styluses are currently awaiting recycling. As iMore points out, however, it is unlikely that such a quantity of accessories could have been produced without the slightest image of the utensil leaking on the net. Overall, this rumor of a stylus dedicated to the iPhone 14 therefore deserves to be taken with a grain of salt.

Note, however, that Apple is preparing to aggravate its applicationfree formon iPhone, iPad and Mac. Real collaborative whiteboard allowing several people to participate in the development of a project and to annotate new elements by freehand; this app is more than stylus friendly. On paper, launching an S-Pen equivalent compatible with both the iPhone and the iPad would therefore make sense to accompany this new app.

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