Apple would finally no longer be interested in the NFL

Apple would no longer be interested in the NFL. With Disney can also withdraw, Amazon and Google still buy back the Sunday Ticket pack

It’s no secret that the Cupertino company wants to increase its advertising revenue. To do this, the American giant does not lack ideas. Among the tracks studied, the possibility of extending its empire, in particular in sport. And what better than American football in the United States? Apple so eyeing the NFL…

Apple would no longer be interested in the NFL

In 2021, it was rumored that the apple brand was about to win the rights to the National Football League (NFL) Sunday Ticket TV pack. Now, a year later, the company is said to have pulled out of negotiations. The information comes from an article by Puck regarding Bob Iger’s surprise return to Disney. According to its author, Dylan Byers, Apple recently said no to the NFL, “not because it can’t afford [le pack]but because he doesn’t see the logic in it.

With Disney removed too, Amazon and Google can still redeem the Sunday Ticket bundle

With Disney also withdrawing from the negotiations, the discussions left only Amazon and Google in place. “Amazon may use [cet accord] to further accelerate Prime subscriptions; Google can use it to promote its YouTube TV offer,” explains Dylan Byers. Of the two parties asked, Amazon probably makes more sense since Prime Video is already the exclusive platform for Thursday night football for the next ten years.

Last year, Athleticism reported that the NFL was charging more than $2 billion a year for Sunday Ticket rights, a rate that was at least $500 million above what DirecTV was paying to broadcast Sunday games so far. In a press conference a few days ago, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said the Sunday Ticket negotiations had reached “a very important point” for the league. That was, it seems, a mild understatement. To be continued !

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