Apple will start manufacturing MacBooks in Vietnam by mid-2023

Apple will start manufacturing MacBooks in Vietnam by mid-2023

Apple plans to divert some MacBook production to Vietnam for the first time next year as the US tech group continues to diversify its production base, the newspaper reports. Nikkei Asia published on December 20.

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Apple tapped its main supplier, Taiwan’s Foxconn, to start manufacturing MacBooks in the Southeast Asian country as early as May.

Apple has been working to add production sites outside of China for all of its major product lines, but it has taken longer for the latest, the MacBook, due to the complex supply chain needed to the manufacture of laptop computers.

According to Nikkei Asiaafter the MacBook production changes, all of Apple’s flagships will essentially become an additional production site beyond China, iPhones in India, and MacBooks, Apple Watch and iPads in Vietnam.

The company has been working on plans for nearly two years to move some MacBook manufacturing to Vietnam and has set up a test production line in the country, the newspaper reported.

Apple manufactures between 20 and 24 million MacBooks a year, with production split between bases in the Chinese cities of Chengdu in Sichuan province and Shanghai.

Apple’s diversification in Vietnam began with AirPods, which entered mass production there in 2020. The company also shifted production of some iPads and Apple Watches to Vietnam this year, and in October it announced having started producing the iPhone 14 in India, just weeks after the release of the latest flagship phone.

Apple aims to substantially increase iPhone production in India this year and next, with the aim of turning the country into another key production base for the devices. Apple is also aiming to divert some production of AirPods and Beats headphones to India.



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