Apple Watch: How to fix WhatsApp notifications not working

Using WhatsApp on an Apple Watch isn’t as intuitive as Apple’s native apps. In particular, it may happen that you have problems receiving notifications on your connected watch. In this tutorial, learn how to fix WhatsApp notifications not showing up on Apple Watch.

We’ve already shown you how to use WhatsApp on your Apple Watch through third-party apps. This tutorial is for those who are having trouble with the native WhatsApp app for Apple Watch. We show you how to receive your notifications thanks to the number of customization options of the Apple Watch.

What WhatsApp can do on the Apple Watch What WhatsApp can’t do on the Apple Watch

– Read notifications
– Reply to messages

– Search incoming messages
– Start a conversation with a contact
– View media items, such as photos or videos.

If you are not receiving WhatsApp notifications on your Apple Watch, there are a few solutions to fix this problem. / © NextPit

However, before moving on to problems and solutions involving WhatsApp notifications on the Apple Watch, it is important to state that:

  1. Notifications show up on either Apple Watch or iPhone, but not both
  2. If your iPhone is unlocked, you’ll receive notifications on it, not your Apple Watch
  3. If your iPhone is locked or asleep, you’ll receive notifications on your Apple Watch, unless it’s locked
  4. When devices are disconnected, notifications are sent to the iPhone, not the Apple Watch
  5. When your Apple Watch is locked or Do Not Disturb is on, notifications are sent to your iPhone

It’s not about asking you to check if you’re connected to Wifi, but even the most geeky people I know sometimes forget to check if their iPhone or Apple Watch is up to date. As of this writing, for example, iOS 16.2 is the latest version of the iPhone OS. The Apple Watch, meanwhile, runs watchOS 9.1.

More than that, you specify that the WhatsApp app itself is up to date. And if you’re a member of WhatsApp’s iOS testing program, check out the beta to see if connection to smartwatches might be compromised.

So, to rule out any issues involving an outdated OS, follow these steps:

  1. On the iPhone: Meet in Settings > General > Software Update
  2. On Apple Watch: Go into Watch > General > Software Update
  3. On Whatsapp : Launch the app fromApp store then Click on your avatar and Check if WhatsApp is in the list of upcoming automatic updates
Screenshots showing the way to update WhatsApp app on iOS

Make sure that in addition to iOS and WatchOS, the WhatsApp app is also up to date / © NextPit.

check that WhatsApp notifications are enabled on your Apple Watch

If both devices are up to date, it’s time to move on to WhatsApp notification settings on the Apple Watch. This suggestion actually works for any app, but here we’ll focus on WhatsApp:

  1. On your iPhone, open theApple Watch app and make it clear that you are in thetab My watch
  2. Then press Opinion
  3. Scroll down to the option Like my iPhone > check that the The notifications switch is enabled for WhatsApp.
Screenshots showing the way to enable WhatsApp notifications on Apple Watch

In the Apple Watch settings, you specify that WhatsApp notifications are mirrored. / © NextPit

Enable replies to participating WhatsApp messages

I admit that this third method is more of a security measure than an obligation. Enabling the option to reply to WhatsApp messages directly on your Apple Watch may allow WhatsApp messages to be received on the watch. To do this, follow the tutorial below:

  1. On the iPhone, go to Settings > Notifications > WhatsApp
  2. check that the option Enable notifications is activated
  3. In the alert options, select Show in notification center and thelock Screen (wires and badge are optional).
Screenshots showing the way to enable notification alerts on iOS

Enable the alerts option on the lock screen and notification center on your iPhone. / © NextPit

Finally, if none of that works, my next recommendation is a bit more drastic: reset your Apple Watch and try again. If that doesn’t work, I suggest resetting your iPhone. But before doing that, back up your data in iCloud. If none of this works, contact Apple’s Genius team, as one of your devices may be experiencing specific hardware issues.

Another option is to use a third-party app, in this case our suggestion is to install the WhatChat 2 app:

Have you managed to solve the problem of receiving WhatsApp notifications on your Apple Watch? Do you know of a solution that has not been shared in this article?


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