Apple Watch 2022 doesn’t use iPhone GPS

An official Cupertino support page clearly states that the latest generations of Apple Watch do not use the iPhone’s GPS when the latter is nearby.

New Apple Watches don’t use iPhone GPS

Apple is taking advantage of an official support page to clarify the use of an iPhone’s GPS by Apple Watches. Thereby, Apple Watches from Series 2 have their own GPS, but can use that of a nearby iPhone, thus draining the battery of the smartphone rather than the internal battery of the connected watch and thus offering better autonomy. Cupertino makes it clear that the Apple Watch Ultra, Apple Series 8 and Apple Watch SE 2022 no longer adopt this behavior and therefore only use their integrated GPS, even if your iPhone is nearby.

Apple Watch 2022 doesn't use iPhone GPS

Operation that cannot be personalized

The same support ticket confirmed so that Apple Watches before 2022 take advantage of an iPhone’s GPS when available nearby, without the user being able to control this operation. Indeed, some users might prefer to use only the GPS of the watch (even if they do not have the most recent model), or on the contrary rely as much as possible on that of the iPhone depending on the performance, endurance and battery level of each device, or to switch from one to the other at the right time to optimize autonomy.

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