Apple unveiled the best smart speaker of 2022 in 2017

Five years ago, Apple unveiled what I unequivocally consider to be the best smart speaker of 2022. It was late to the party, savaged by tech press, and interrupted before its time. It was the original HomePod, and there’s still nothing else like it.

Sure, there are five versions of HomePod mini, but we wanted Apple to make a smaller HomePod to complement the big one, not replace it. The big HomePod has big son suitable for large rooms or as your best speaker in your main listening area.

The HomePod mini is remarkably compact by comparison, but the sound difference is huge. HomePod mini is the starter smart speaker that makes filling a home with HomePods more affordable, but it’s a step up from the original HomePod in volume and bass response.

We wanted a family of HomePods. Instead, we got stuck with this light weight. That’s why, my fellow folks in the Apple ecosystem, the used market for the original HomePods is so successful nearly two years after the OG HomePod was discontinued.

Do not mistake yourself. There’s a lot the OG HomePod could learn from its younger sibling. The HomePod triumphs over sound and can even be used as stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos for your home theater. HomePod mini a few advantages that exist simply because it was the first revision of the HomePod line.

The chunky HomePod has a detachable power cord that you probably should never remove. Kind of like the Apple Studio Display. The HomePod mini didn’t quite have a detachable cable, but it does end with a USB-C connector instead of the power pins!

The HomePod mini connects to a removable USB-C power adapter, and the USB-C connector doubles as a data port. This lets you connect a crashed HomePod mini to a Mac or PC to restore its software if an update goes haywire. The big HomePod just shows you a red ring of death as if it were an original Xbox, and any support requires a shipment to Apple.

Apple is also using a faster processor inside the HomePod mini, switching from the aging A8 chip to the newer S5 chip. This helps with how quickly Siri will respond to voice commands, and it also likely helps lower the cost of the HomePod mini. A smart speaker doesn’t need any graphic punch anyway.

And Thread radio support is built into the HomePod mini. The most recent Apple TV 4K boxes also include Thread. Wire just wasn’t ready for the original HomePod.

These are all things included in Apple’s review for what a HomePod can be, but make no mistake, the original HomePod reigns as the best smart speaker for the home. The has chosen an audio performance fair that is sure to impress. It’s loud, it’s full, it’s deep, it’s uncompromising.

My special interest in the big HomePod now of all time began with a visit to an out-of-town family over Thanksgiving. Years ago, I gave them a single HomePod that they still use regularly to this day. Meanwhile, I had ditched the big HomePod as soon as Apple declared the HomePod mini to be the future of the line. Almost two years later, I couldn’t believe how great the original HomePod sounded.

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Apple no longer sells the original HomePod, but you can find used or refurbished OG HomePods on eBay and Facebook Marketplace for between $200 and $300. Apple initially sold the HomePod for $350 before dropping the price to $300, and $250 was a common selling price towards the end of its retail life. After taxes and shipping, I ended up scoring a HomePod stereo pair for around $450 earlier this month.

I knew I’d love the great HomePod again, but I hadn’t anticipated all the ways the original was just better. You can whisper to summon Siri from across the room, ambient sounds for sleeping make it seem like you’re there, and the overall volume can rival serious noise levels.

There are hopeful signs for a new, unnamed HomePod over a larger version that’s no longer being sold. Several months ago, reliable supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Actu predicted that Apple would release an additional HomePod in Q4 2022 or Q1 2023. Based on the current timeline, that could just mean we need to see a beefier HomePod with modern revisions by spring. It’s a product that I really hope exists, especially since the version announced in 2017 and released in 2018 won’t last forever.

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