Apple TV+ probably won’t show American football

For several months now, US media have been reporting that Apple has been in talks with the NFL (National Football League) to obtain the rights to broadcast the Sunday ticket. This bouquet allows you to view all the games of the annual American football competition, which ended as you may know with the traditional Super Bowl. To afford it, you have to spend several hundred dollars in the United States, or a roughly equivalent sum if you convert it into euros, at the current exchange rate.

The problem is that Apple TV+ only costs 6.99 euros per month. However, even multiplying this figure by twelve, we are very far from the astronomical sum that the Sunday Ticket costs. In addition, Cupertino did not want to offer this content represented an additional cost, according to new information published this week. The NFL, owner, would have refused this assembly to avoid seeing other partners – namely CBS and Fox – losing their audience. Because by 2033, the two chains must still reverse close to forty billion dollars in royalties to the sports organization…

No interest in Cupertino?

After intense negotiations, an interview between Julia Alexander and Dylan Byers ended up spilling the beans: Apple would have withdrawn from the deal. The Sunday Ticket matches will therefore not see the light of day on TV+ according to Byers, but other companies remain in the sights of the NFL for the license. Among these, we can normally cite Google which, along with YouTube, can already boast of having hundreds of millions of regular viewers. With this it is Amazon (Prime Video) who would consider going to checkout.

The amount promises to be staggering: we are talking here about 2.5 to 3 billion dollars annually. But the sum should not scare the firm of Jeff Bezos, who has already offered the rights to Ligue 1 in France.

Alternatives galore for fans

But then, how do you prepare for the next season at a lower cost? It seems that a good number of consumers are turning to pirate streaming, which can however end up its hosts straight behind bars.

In France, anyway, the NFL Sunday Ticket is unfortunately not available at the moment. It would therefore have been very practical to be able to access it via Apple TV +, but Amazon or Alphabet still have something to change the situation in the coming weeks. – Official App

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