Apple TV +: a blooper on season 2 of Acapulco, and a karaoke for Spirited

For the first time, Apple has split a blooper for one of the series of its streaming service Apple TV +. If the kind of “shooting bloopers” has almost become a tradition, Apple resisted until then (not premium enough for the apple?) and only offered featurettes. The excellent comedy series Acapulcostarring Eugene Derbez, is therefore entitled to the blooper of its season 2; uncontrollable laughter, lines of dialogue that don’t want to come out, we stay here within the nice limits of decorum for the genre, to the point that this blooper will have more the merit of convincing us of the good atmosphere during filming than of making us laughing out loud.

The atmosphere was obviously just as good on the set of Spirited, the Christmas musical starring Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell. The film is already the biggest box on the platform, but Apple still adds a big layer with a karaoke on one of the musical sequences of the footage. To the tune of the piece “That feeling of Christmas morning”, the actors really give it their all, which gives us the opportunity to remind you that you absolutely have to watch this film in the original version with subtitles (the sung passages on the VF are a joyful massacre).

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