Apple to start MacBook production in Vietnam in 2023

According to a recent report by Nikkei Asia published on Tuesday, December 20, 2022, Apple is preparing to start MacBook production in Vietnam. The first production lines could come into service as early as 2023.

The MacBook soon to be made in Vietnam

The apple brand continues to diversify its production chain outside of China, in a context of escalating technological tensions between Washington and Beijing. That’s why Apple asked Foxconn, its main partner, to build factories in Vietnam to make the MacBook. For all its product lines, Apple is trying to leave Chinese production plants.

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For the MacBook, that was no small feat. Indeed, the laptop of the American giant requires a particularly complex supply chain. According to an anonymous source, “ with the transfer of MacBook production, all Apple flagships will have a production site outside of China: iPhone in India, Apple Watch, MacBook and iPad in Vietnam “.

This is clearly the strategy of Tim Cook’s company: to have a production option outside of China for at least part of the production of all its products. The company has been working on plans to shift some MacBook manufacturing to Vietnam for nearly two years, and already in place test of a production line in the Southeast Asian country.

Today, Apple manufactures between 20 and 24 million MacBooks per year. Current production is split between bases in the Chinese cities of Chengdu, Sichuan province, and Shanghai. This transfer of part of the production to Vietnam takes place in a context of strong geopolitical tensions. For China, this news is a blow and symbolizes the general weakening of its position as the factory of the world.

Major electronics makers Apple, HP, Dell, Google and Meta have all planned to move some of their production out of China, since former US President Donald Trump an initiated a trade war against the country. Joe Biden continued this policy. The U.S. giants felt that overall China’s advantages in low-cost manufacturing are fading. This is a trend that should continue over time.

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