Apple temporarily removes Home upgrade in iOS 16.2

Following many problems, the upgrade of the disparate Home architecture of many phones.

The recently released iOS 16.2 update brought several features, including Music Sing, advanced iCloud data protection and the Freeform app, as well as a less obvious upgrade to a new Home architecture, which promised be more reliable and efficient. But, a week later, Apple appears to have removed the upgrade option from the Home app. Indeed, now, in iOS 16.2, updating the Home settings, previously available in the Software Update tab, is no longer accessible. A support document describing the recent feature still says the option has been temporarily removed and does not affect users who have already updated to the new architecture.

As MacRumors pointed out, several users reported that their devices were stuck in an “updated” or configured state, or that certain devices no longer appeared. Apple warns that all connected items that are not running the latest software will lose access to Home’s upgrade until they are updated, but this issue appears to be unrelated to the failures found by users. The firm did not specify the nature of the problem, merely saying that the refresh option would be back soon. It’s unclear if it will ever reappear in the current app or if it will be reinstated as part of the iOS 16.3 update scheduled for early next year.

The latest Home version requires a home hub like an Apple TV (4th gen or later) or HomePod to access advanced features like HomeKit Secure Video and Adaptive Lighting. Anyone using an iPad as a home hub under the previous architecture will have to go through an Apple TV or HomePod if they want to continue using the Home app to control their devices.

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