Apple reveals what’s changed with the last two AirTag updates

Since November 2022, we have had the right to two AirTag updates. During the release of these two new firmwares, Apple did not take the time to reveal the changes that were included, today Apple reveals what updates 2.0.24 and 2.0.36 really bring. We summarize everything for you!

What has changed with the AirTag

Thanks to the AirTag, you no longer lose your car keys, your wallet, the TV remote control, your child’s toy… The AirTag allows us to find it more easily everyday objects that we tend to misplace. Like all other Apple products that we are used to using, the AirTag regularly receives updates aimed at improving the user experience.

Since November 2022, Apple’s object tracker in one or two, first there is version 2.0.24 and then 2.0.36!
But what have these two updates changed?

Firmware 2.0.24

Published on November 10Apple added the Precision research. The California giant announced the feature earlier this year as one of the measures it is taking to prevent people from exploiting an AirTag to harass others. When iPhone detects an unknown AirTag traveling with the user, the user can quickly locate and disabled using the Precision Finding function associated with an audible alarm.
Alert notifications have also been improved when an AirTag separated from its owner is following you.

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Firmware 2.0.36

The latest update that went live on December 12 does not bring anything new. However, Apple has corrected a defect that could cause serious harm when using an AirTag. Indeed, the object tracker could have the built-in accelerometer which did not activate in some cases. Without the accelerometer, the iPhone has great difficulty finding an AirTag that moves in real time.

How to update your AirTag?

As with AirPods, the AirTag does not update manually. As soon as the object tracker notices that firmware is available, it will initiate to start downloading and installing it the next time you connect to your iPhone.
If the AirTag does not send a notification when the new firmware is 100% installed, it is however possible to check if the latest update has been installed directly in the Locate application and simplified on the name of the AirTag you see in “Subject”.

More updates for the AirTag will come soon, we just hope that this time Apple will reveal what’s new the same day and not several weeks later in a support file!

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