Apple promo: hurry up, the iPhone 14 is barring its price and you can still receive it before Christmas!

Good deal news Apple promo: hurry up, the iPhone 14 is barring its price and you can still receive it before Christmas!

Have you been eyeing the latest iPhone 14 longingly for a while on the lookout for a promotion? But it would have been very bad to know Apple to believe that it was easy to get your hands on an iPhone on sale. And yet…

the iPhone 14 costs 76€ on Amazon

Buying an Apple product is extremely trivial, and the iPhone 14 is no exception. Indeed, to get the latest Apple smartphone, you will have to pay the sum of 1019€… a tidy sum in the end.

Buy the iPhone 14 at 943€ on Amazon

By taking advantage of a promotion, like the one from Amazon that we have in front of us, you should be able to get away with it for 943€ instead of 1019€. The iPhone 14 still remains an expensive and not very accessible smartphone, the slightest saving is good to take, especially since the youngest from Apple does not lack resources.

Apple: the iPhone 14 is certainly expensive, but offers new features that are already very popular

L’iPhone 14 It is almost identical to the iPhone 13. However, it brings slight improvements. For example for the photo component, whether it’s the selfie camera or the two cameras on the back, they all get improvements, particularly in low light.

The OLED screen is impressive, especially if you are coming from an older smartphone. Colors are vivid but accurate, and viewing angles are impressive. 6.1 inches is the average size of a phone today, so you should easily pick it up. The processor hardly changes compared to the iPhone 13, but it is still more powerful than any Android smartphone. It will last at least 5 years with updates from Apple.

All three cameras are improved on this model, especially in low light, area where the iPhone had a little more trouble compared to the competition. In video, an area where Apple dominates, a new Action mode provides extreme stabilization to keep videos usable, even when moving and shaking a lot.

On the safety side, Apple has hit the mark with the arrival of car crash detection using advanced sensors and microphones. Thus, the iPhone can call for help if you do not answer after an accident.

If you (or the person you want to gift it to) aren’t familiar with iOS, no problem. LiPhone is very easy to learn, and much more intuitive than Android.

Buy the iPhone 14 at 943€ on Amazon

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