Apple plans to launch a MacBook Air XXL in 2023?

Apple is ready to do anything to satisfy lovers of new technologies. The apple would therefore work on a MacBook Air XXL.

Good news for lovers of new technologies. According to the latest rumors circulating on the net, Apple was planning to launch a MacBook Air XXL during the year 2023. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Apple at the forefront of technology

Founded in the 1970s, the company Apple quickly established itself in the tech market. And this, thanks to innovative devices with extraordinary capacities.

Over the years, the famous bitten apple brand has conquered users with its iPhone, iPad, iPod and other Macs. Objects that have invaded our daily lives. Until they become indispensable.

Among the emblematic creations of the Cupertino company, we find the famous MacBook Air. An ultra-thin and super-powerful computer which is unanimous.

Available in 13.3″ or 13.6″, this little wonder has a Retina screen for top visual quality. In addition, you can also choose between an Apple M1 chip or an Apple M2 chip.

And if one offers up to 16 GB of unified memory. The other in a 24. Also, both models have 2 TB of configurable storage.

And that’s not all ! They also have up to 18 hours of battery life. Enough to spend hours in front of your screen without being afraid that it will cut off.

Finally, the keyboard is beautiful and has a Touch ID key. A simple and effective way to unlock your Mac. A Mac that you can take everywhere with you without worrying about the weight of your bag.

The reason ? This one weighs no more than 1.3 kg. There is no denying that Apple is really at the cutting edge of technology. MCE TV tells you more about this much talked about device.

Apple plans to launch a MacBook Air XXL in 2023?

A MacBook Air XXL soon available?

So you will understand, Apple is doing everything in its power to offer the best. Son but? Remain number 1 on the market… Against the great barrage of competition. And to be certain of keeping its leading position, the apple would have plans to develop a brand new computer.

Eh yes ! According to the latest information uploaded by the Frandroid siteApple was planning to launch a MacBook Air XXL during the year 2023!

It should therefore be 15.5″ according to analyst Ross Young. The objective of the firm would simply be to offer a larger model similar to the already existing M2.

In any case, this is what 9to5Mac seems to indicate. This would be a first for Apple, which has never made such a huge MacBook Air before.

The brand would therefore benefit from passage to flea Apple Silicon to develop a new computer. Especially since the range in question is one of the most popular on the market. It then seems obvious for the firm to start introducing new products through it.

Attention ! These are just mere rumours. For the moment, nothing has yet been confirmed by Apple. It remains to be seen whether the company founded by Steve Jobs will soon speak on this subject. To be continued…

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