Apple no longer signs iOS 16.1.2 and gives way to iOS 16.2

That’s it, iOS 16.1.2 has already ended its service. The Californian firm has just stopped supporting this version of iOS. This has two consequences that you already know if you read us regularly.

iOS 16.2.1 is no longer

On the one hand, it is not possible, if you risk an iPhone running an old version of iOS, to upgrade to iOS 16.1.2. It is iOS 16.2 which is offered to you normally. On the other hand, if you have already updated your mobile to iOS 16.2, the return to iOS 16.1.2 is no longer relevant.

By ceasing to sign iOS 16.1.2, Apple leaves the field open to iOS 16.2 which was just released a few days ago. Here we detail the list of new features brought by this update. Among other feature additions and bug fixes, iOS 16.2 also addresses security vulnerabilities. This is one of the reasons that motivates Apple to stop signing the previous version. Indeed, by pushing its users to update to the latest version of the OS available, millions of devices across the world gain in security.

The icing on the cake for Apple, the more people there are and the more up-to-date iPhones, the better statistics are the adoptions of its new operating systems.

Anyway, if you have an iOS 16 compatible iPhone, we encourage you to update to iOS 16.2 as soon as possible. See our tutorial describing how to do it. You will enjoy interesting changes in addition to winning for the security of your device and your data.

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