Apple Music is now available with games in Teslas

It’s done: as seen by the curious a few days before, the Tesla dashboard now offers to play your catalog of Apple Music titles. But not all vehicles are compatible at the moment: this is the case for Models and Model X new generation only. The vehicles have recently been back for pre-order and are attracting French customers since they are found in the top 10 best-selling electric vehicles in France. You have to pay tens of thousands of euros to acquire it.

Apple Music is a paid service. To access it, customers have the choice between three options so far. The first is the Voice offer, which costs only 4.99 euros per month one of the most affordable offers on the market for a complete catalog with millions of titles on demand. The second subscription, for a single user, costs 10.99 euros per month since an increase that occurred last October. Inflation is everywhere.

PLAY on the screen of your Tesla!

With this, Tesla also left the field open to… Steam, to offer its toy library on the dashboard of its cars. Yes, Steam, the platform offers more than ten thousand video games with unlimited access. We find there in particular the excellent Cyperpunk 2077, Elden Ring, GTA V or even the car races of Forza Horizon 4. Of course the touch interface, fixed, will not be the most suitable for it. But you should know that Bluetooth is part of it to connect the controller of your choice.

Of course, he is totally prohibited from launching any part while driving. Nevertheless, given the relatively large size of the display, one can easily imagine that children sitting in the back will be prime targets for such a value proposition. Beyond gaming, many other applications are available in Teslas, including Zoom video calls.

Price and availability

To afford the Model 3, which is no longer the most affordable Tesla in France today, you have to pay the tidy sum of at least 48,490 euros on the Tesla site. The price reached 47,990 for a basic Model Y, or 138,990 euros for a Model S Plaid. The second version of the Roadster, for its part, has not yet been released in Europe.

Know that if you order a Tesla now, it will take wait several weeks before receiving the car at home.

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