Apple Music could soon land in Tesla vehicles

Like its spirited CEO, Tesla has a sense of showmanship. The American manufacturer of electric cars is about to announce the price of Apple Music next charge on its vehicles. The company seems to have left a Easter eggs in a vehicle on public display in the United States, a practice that has become customary.

A temporary exhibition

Like the Electrek relay, the information comes to us from visitors to a temporary automobile exhibition across the Atlantic. The Petersen Museum in Los Angeles has indeed shown in collaboration with Tesla several vehicles of the brand. And oh surprise, according to those present on site, Apple Music was integrated into the vehicle’s internal system. The automobiles on display that day were equipped with the Tesla operating system for developers.

This discovery confirmed the future price of the audio streaming application on all of the brand’s cars. Unlike other manufacturers, Tesla prefers to integrate applications directly into its system rather than letting its users use CarPlay or Android Auto. A choice that allows increased stability of installed applications, but sometimes limits functionality. Earlier, Spotify and Tidal were integrated into the Tesla system.

An update at the end of November?

If Apple Music is not yet available for all drivers, the imminence of its deployment is perhaps beyond doubt. As our colleagues from Electrek remind us, Tesla often plans a big update before the Christmas holidays, between the end of November and the beginning of December. The latter could therefore be an opportunity to succeed in the application.

Available from €4.99 per month in France, Apple Music announces the price for the next charge of spatial audio in certain vehicles. The use of a native application in Tesla vehicles allows for higher quality listening, according to the specialized site NotATeslaApp. On the other hand, it is impossible to know, at present, if the application will be able to support Dolby Atmos and Lossless Audio technologies in its first version.

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