Apple Music and your Steam games are finally coming to electric cars

Tesla has released a software update that finally brings Apple Music support to its vehicles. Update 2022.44.25 also brings improvements to dog mode, scheduled light shows, and more. It mainly adds compatibility for Steam games, but not in all models.

Credit: Tesla

As expected, the new December 2022 update for Tesla finally brings Apple Music to electric cars, a feature that has been expected for several years now. As part of the 2022.44.25.1 update, Tesla has improved the experience on board its vehicles.

First of all, for Apple Music, access is through the icon of the same name in the application launcher. Once launched, users will need to scan a QR code with their iPhone and then log in with their Apple ID to authenticate. However, it should be noted that Apple Music subscribers will need to have a Premium Connectivity subscription for it to work on a cellular connection.

What else is added in this new December 2022 Update?

In addition to Apple Music, Tesla is finally allowing some of its drivers to play their Steam games. The manufacturer claims that the application will be available on the “new” Model S and X vehiclesthat is, those who take advantage of the new on-board computer with an AMD Ryzen processor and an AMD RDNA 2 GPU. The latter allow vehicles to be as powerful as the PS5, and therefore offer a high gaming experience. of range.

In its update, Tesla also added an improved light show mode allowing you to schedule a show that will appear on multiple vehicles at the same time. The cabin camera also becomes useful, since you can also Zoom caller and view the interior of the car from the Tesla app in dog mode or sentry mode.

Finally, we can note the arrival of other functionalities such asa Mahjong gamethe ability to automatically disable flashing changes at the end of a lane, easier media controls, an automatic adjustment of the intensity of the air conditioning or a confirmation before the transfer of sound to the vehicle of a telephone call from a mobile device connected via Bluetooth.

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