Apple Mail reminds you to reply to your important emails

Apple’s Mail app has become one of my favorite email clients. Its interface is very well designed and its tons of features make it ideal for a large number of users. For example, if you often forget to reply to important emails, the reminder function might just save the day.

Thanks to the function Remind me, you select the e-mail in question, you select the reminder and you are quiet. At the time you set for the reminder, the email will automatically appear at the top of your inbox with the mention reminder.

Since I started using this feature, I haven’t forgotten to reply to a single important email. Considering the number of “important features” emails I receive, this has helped me a lot.

How to set a reminder in the Mail app


The callback function is in the latest version of macOS. To use it, you will need a device running macOS 13 (Ventura). The tool also works on iOS 16.

1. Open the Mail app

The first one chose to do is open the app from the Dock or Launchpad.

2. Locate the email in question

Once the Mail app is open, locate the email you’ll be reviewing next later, then right-click (or press-and-hold, on a mobile device) on the email in the pane preview.

3. Select reminder time

In the context menu, click Remind methen select the delay from the submenu.

The Remind Me time picker.

Image: Jack Wallen.

4. Set a specific time

If you want to receive a reminder at a specific time, selected remind me laterthen configure the specific time and date that suits you.

The Remind me of custom time picker.

Image: Jack Wallen.

5. At the scheduled time, look for the email with the label “Reminder”

When the time comes, the email associated with the reminder will appear at the top of your inbox with the mention reminderor the small clock logo.

You can either respond to it immediately or set another reminder.

An example of an email that was used for a reminder.

Image: Jack Wallen.

This little feature will save you time while avoiding interference in your work. I highly recommend all users of Apple’s email client to use this handy tool.


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