Apple is testing a TV+ app on Android, other new features are coming

Services have been Apple’s fastest growing category for several years. At the issue of the fourth quarter, the figures for which we know (which ended on December 24, 2022), services generated 19,188 billion dollars over the period, against 70,958 billion dollars for product sales. A figure that seems to overshadow the first except when considering the costs associated with the two categories.

In the quarter, the $70.958 billion generated by product sales are offset by costs of $46.387 billion in the quarter. Against costs of just $5.664 billion for services. From one year to the next, the turnover generated by services increased steadily (around 8%).

Apple is preparing the arrival of an Android TV+ application

Or, it looks like Apple is looking to continue exporting its services beyond its pool of loyal Apple product customers. We had already seen it with the launch of an Apple Music application on Android smartphones – where the competition from services like Spotify and Deezer is however very rough. An iCloud application is available on Windows, to store your files using the firm’s cloud and synchronize your data.

And there was also the launch of a web version of the TV+ streaming platform. Allowing to use the service even in the absence of Apple products. This interface already allows Android users to view the platform’s films and series from their tablet and smartphone. But the experience was limited: no synchronization of settings, or downloading of content in advance, for example.

However, information taken up by the press indicates that Apple is currently testing internally a special TV+ application for Android smartphones. The exact name remains a question mark. Some sources speak of an Apple TV application, while others of a dedicated “TV” application (which seems more logical in the image of the official application that Apple already offers in its devices).

The application would be close to being posted on the Google Play Store according to a source taken up by FrAndroid. Source which adds that Apple has other novelties in store for the Android platform. Indeed, there would be talk of a new version of the Apple Music music application. At this stage we do not yet know what will be new, but it is rather pleasant to see that Apple is opening up more and more (even timidly, on the whole) to competing ecosystems, in particular Android.

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