Apple is still trying to sell Apple Watch Series 3

For some reason Apple is selling on the US refurbished Apple Watch Series 3. In this case, it’s 42mm cellular stainless steel models, priced at $369, or $230 off. At first glance, the promotion is quite nice in absolute terms, but it is the watch that is less so: it is indeed impossible to install watchOS 9 on it.

Apple’s obsession with the Series 3 is difficult to understand, the manufacturer continued to sell stocks even after the announcement of the incompatibility with the new version of the operating system, last June! Fortunately, it ended in early September, a little before the launch of the Apple Watch Series 8 and Ultra.


The Apple Watch Series 3 finally says goodbye

In France, the refurbished products store only offers Macs and Apple TVs, no iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch, so no Series 3 sold at dirt cheap (but still too expensive). If you’re really looking for a Series 3, Amazon’s refurbished space has a few models in stock but we can’t recommend highly enough that you pick up at least a Series 4, and even a more practical Series 5 with its always-on display (if you can find one, this model is rare on Amazon).

The Apple Watch SE 2nd generation is also, obviously, a good choice even if this model does not have an “always on” display (from 299 €).

Apple Store: last hours for delivery before Christmas

Apple Store: last hours for delivery before Christmas


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