Apple is expanding its at-home repair program to other Macs and the Studio Display

Two weeks after having extended its repair program at home to other countries – including France -, Apple is once again enriching it by extending the list of products concerned.

New products to repair at home!

Apple seems to be fine-tuning its program for DIYers and Mac fans. In early December, she had expanded her home repair program Self-service repair. Now we can at home other Macs equipped with an Apple Silicon chip but also its Studio Display.

The firm has just updated its dedicated store on the web. Parts, tools, and repair manuals are now available for the iMac M1, Mac mini M1, and Mac Studio M1.

What was Apple’s Home Repair Program?

As a reminder, the firm had unveiled the latter at the beginning of the year, announcing that it would be deployed in other countries, in particular in Europe, throughout the year 2022. Now, the latter is accessible in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. ! It concerns the iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and iPhone SE but also certain Macs corresponding to an Apple Silicon chip – such as the MacBook Air M1 and MacBook Pro 14/16″ M1.

Apple is expanding its at-home repair program to other Macs and the Studio Display

Thus, users can have access to network of approved service centers Apple and independent repair centers for parts, tools, and other necessary manuals in multiple languages ​​(including English).

And in practice, how does it work?

To perform a repair, you will first need to consult the repair manuals and procedures on the Apple website. Secondly, we can commander parts and tools required (among the 200 available) before starting the repair. Cupertino specifies that the latter were subjected to extensive testing to ensure the highest quality, safety and reliability.

Apple provides a more or less imposing toolbox. By means of 59.95€, will be this one available for a week, after which it will have to be returned free of charge. It is indeed a kind of localization allowing a certain flexibility to customers who are unwilling/unable to purchase tools for a single repair.

The program is part of the firm’s right to repair efforts. Nevertheless, it retains that the vast majority of its customers must always go to an Apple Store or an authorized center, to ensure that their devices are repaired in a safe and reliable manner.

Apple is expanding its at-home repair program to other Macs and the Studio Display

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