Apple is about to launch the Apple TV app on Android

In these times of crisis, it is important to multiply the sources of income, even for a giant such as Apple. The Apple firm is preparing an Android version of Apple TV.

An Apple TV box / Credit: Unsplash

According to leaker ShrimpApplePro, Apple is preparing to offer the application Apple TV on Android devices. Although streaming services such as Apple TV+ are available on smart TVs, they don’t provide the full Apple experience. According to the Twitter member, Apple Music, which is already available on Android, could get a facelift.

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Apple is known to be very ungenerous when it comes to opening up its ecosystem to competition. The company indeed seeks to keep the exclusivity on some of its applications to preserve the sales of its own gadgets. That said, as Apple TV is already available on televisions running Android TV, it’s not really surprising that the application lands on Android smartphones.

Apple TV on Android could increase the number of subscribers to the Apple One offer

The Cupertino company wants to increase the number of subscribers to its video streaming service, Apple TV+. Being well aware that, despite all the qualities of its streaming box, not everyone has the means or the desire to equip themselves with an Apple TV 4K, the company has decided to relax its policy. The goal now is to make its service available on as wide a variety of devices as possible. A strategy identical to that adopted by Microsoft which, although it still sells computers, now sees itself more as a software company.

If this rumor were true, Apple Fitness + would be the last application exclusively reserved for Apple-branded devices. This specificity would be due to the components used in the Apple Watch, connected watches covered with health sensors which have become the umpteenth iconic products of the apple brand. According to ShrimpApplePro, Apple TV is reportedly being tested on Android smartphones and tablets.

Source: Apple Insider

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