Apple improves detection of unknown AirTags

Since their release in April 2021, the AirTag has been talked about in the news section, users fearing deviations in their use and encouragement to malicious actions.

What’s new in the latest updates

Over the past two months, Apple has released two firmware updates dedicated to its small tag, without specifying their content or their consequences. However, the firm has just uncover in a support article on its website.

Version 2.0.24, released on November 10, finally allows iPhone users to locate an unknown AirTag via Precision research. Announced earlier this year, this feature continues in the long line of preventative measures harassment and other malicious practices.

Apple improves detection of unknown AirTags

So, when the iPhone will detect an unknown AirTag that travels with its owner, this one will be able to activate this search coupled with a sound alert to quickly find and deactivate the suspicious tracker. At the same time, Cupertino has refined the notifications. Note that it will be necessary to have at least an iPhone 11 because this system is based on the U1 chip and the UWB.

Regarding the 2.0.36 update released on December 12, it would be to fix an issue that blocked the AirTag accelerometer in some cases. Unfortunate problem since it is the latter which could allow the iPhone to locate when an AirTag moves.

How to Check the Software Version of an AirTag

In order to know the serial number and the version of the internal program of an AirTag, you simply have to look in the Locate application, select the AirTag, then its name. The application will display this information which will allow you to check if the update has been carried out.

Remember that the serial number also appears onyour AirTag. To find it, just unscrew the metal part (by offering it), and remove the battery. This same serial number is finally displayed via the web interface when his smartphone detects a unknown beacon !

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