Apple humiliated by Samsung because of its non-existent foldable iPhone!

Samsung continues to advertise its foldable smartphone… and takes the opportunity to scratch Apple, which still doesn’t have one!

The war continues between Apple and Samsung! While the apple brand son accused main competitor of having copied her not long ago, the Korean brand responds with a spicy ad for the Galaxy Z fold 4. MCETV explains all about it!

The Galaxy Flip and Fold at the head of the gondola

Because the two brands have been fighting a merciless battle for years. But, if in terms of purchases, the brand created by Steve Jobs seems to have widened a big gap, Samsung has found a way to respond. By changing the shape of phones.

Indeed, phones from the 2000s are coming back into fashion. Or almost. Samsung has indeed bet on the valve that everyone knew fifteen years ago to get back in the race. And Apple failed to follow suit !

It would indeed seem that the Apple brand wants to release its own foldable smartphone. But creating it takes time. Meanwhile, Samsung has just released its fourth generation of flip touch phones. Yes already.

Just before the Christmas holidays, Apple’s main competitor is therefore trying to drive home the point. While the brand had already chosen to be ironic in order to sell better its smartphones facing the iPhone 14, it’s again the humor that is in the spotlight for his latest ad.

Indeed, we discover two young people talking. But the brand leaves nothing to chance. She puts up a fence. On one side are the Samsung users. On the other, there are those who prefer to use an iPhone… for now.

Samsung still doesn’t care about Apple

For the moment, because the young woman intends to convince her interlocutor that he must change. Or rather that it will change. Because the young man hesitates to go to the other side… “Before, I was like you”, explain to him like this to start the conversation.

She reveals herself “on the border between Apple and Samsung”. He still hesitates. “I would like to take the plunge, but I’m a little afraid of the reaction of my friends. » And surprisingly, the girl starts to go her way ” You are quite right “.

She, who has tried the experiment, can tell him what it feels like. ” Seriously, when you take out your Galaxy Z Flip 4, they’re all going to freak out. » Quite surprised, the young man remains seated. But she gives him her phone to prove it to him by example.

A sentence spent he dropped his Apple for a Samsung that his friends head over the fence. “Oh, that’s not bad,” launch one. ” I can see ? » Amused, the young man also seems convinced.I could get used to that… And he crosses the border.

Final word for Samsung: “it’s time to get out of the fence”, which can be translated as “it’s time to jump the fence”. It remains to be seen what the Apple brand will answer… Perhaps in crossing the fence with a foldable phone ?

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