Apple fixes a flaw on macOS discovered by Microsoft!

Our colleagues from Mac4ever have just indicated that Apple had corrected a flaw that its competitor Microsoft had indicated to it.

Sometimes being rivals doesn’t always mean putting obstacles in the way. And Microsoft just proved it. Bill Gates’ firm recently informed Apple… that a flaw had been found in his system. Since then, this has been corrected.

What is the flaw?

Does this have anything to do with the fact that the Cupertino company is going to authorize downloading apps other than those from the App Store ? Not really. But that allows us to tell you one thing. And in particular the fact that you will soon be able to download all the applications you want then on your mobile.

And this even if they do not show up from the Apple store. To come back to the flaw in question, our colleagues from Mac4ever make it known that it is necessary back to last July. Time during which the sun and the heat were still present…

This makes us nostalgic… But also allows us to learn that Microsoft’s security research teams had noticed one thing. And this is not the future project of the Cupertino company. A knowledge the launch of a MacBook Air XXL for 2023. Corn well and truly a fault.

This is called CVE-2022-42821. What is son but? Simply allow hackers to bypass the Gatekeeper security mechanism. A system put in place by the firm with the bitten apple as you can imagine.

In addition to this, the flaw also makes it possible to reduce the Isolation mode (Lockdown in VO). A mode that Apple had introduced on macOS Ventura. Aware of the complex situation for its rivals, Microsoft has chosen to warn them.

In fact, the Microsoft 365 Defender Research Team warned Apple as noted by our colleagues. It was enough to see the brand react. And find solutions. But did these work? Answer in the following lines.

Apple fixes a flaw on macOS discovered by Microsoft!

Apple warned by Microsoft of a flaw

Fixes have therefore emerged. These were deployed with updates 13.1 for macOS Ventura, 12.6.2 for Monterey and 11.7.2 for Big Sur on December 13th. For its part, Microsoft wanted to give some information.

By indicating, for example, how the flaw could impact Apple’s work. According to Mac4everthis is based “on modifying a file (via the AppleDouble and ACL mechanisms) misleading Gatekeeper. And prevent the system from warning the user of the potential danger”.

With the latest updates, you understand that story has come to an end…until a new flaw emerges. Because yes, as the media reminds us, no system is inviolable. And it’s only a matter of time before it goes circular.

Moreover, our colleagues note that Gatekeeper has been entitled to numerous attacks. If it could happen again, it remains advised to download the latest patches to avoid having your PC or smartphone hacked.

Especially in case you plan to sell your Apple iPhone or others. Moreover, in case you want to part with it… Know that there are favorable periods for this. We have also offered an article on this subject. So please click here, in order to find out more.

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