Apple finally details what’s new in the latest AirTag firmware updates

Apple has released two firmware updates for its AirTag item tracker since November. However, the company has not yet detailed what has changed with these updates. As noted by some users, Apple has finally shared what’s new with the latest AirTag firmware updates.

Here’s what changed with AirTag firmware updates 2.0.24 and 2.0.36

In a support article on Apple’s website, the company now details what’s new in AirTag firmware updates 2.0.24 and 2.0.36. AirTag firmware version 2.0.24, released on November 10, finally allows iPhone users to locate an unknown AirTag with Precision Finding.

This feature was announced by Apple earlier this year as part of the company’s move to prevent people from using AirTag for harassing purposes. When the iPhone detects an unknown AirTag itself with the user, the person can use Precision Finding combined with a sound alert to quickly find and disable that AirTag.

Apple has also improved notification alerts when an AirTag separated from its owner travels with you. Of course, some of these features await an iPhone 11 or later, as they remain on the U1 chip with Ultra Wideband technology.

Regarding AirTag firmware update 2.0.36, released on December 12, Apple says it has fixed an issue where the AirTag’s built-in accelerometer does not activate in certain scenarios. This sensor is likely used to help the iPhone detect when an AirTag is moving.

Updating an AirTag is not so intuitive

Unfortunately, there is no intuitive way to update an AirTag. Apple says the Object Tracker automatically updates when it’s within range of the iPhone. Another chose to keep in mind that AirTag firmware updates are rolled out in phases, so not everyone gets them at the same time.

Users can check the firmware version of their AirTags by going to the Find My app and facilitating the AirTag name.

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