Apple: Are you ready to spend $10,000 on the next Mac?

JVTech News Apple: Are you ready to spend $10,000 on the next Mac?

The prices of Apple products that are increasing, like we are shocked. So beware, sometimes the rise in prices is justified, and this may be the case for the next Mac, even if you probably won’t need it.

Apple’s next Mac Pro postponed

With the success of almost all their computers equipped with in-house chips, Apple one to be proud of. 2020 and the arrival of the MacBook Air M1, the Mac range has gradually gone from incomprehensible and unreliable, to machines that we can calmly recommend, for all needs.

Finally, almost all needs. Because if the MacBook Air, the entry-level MacBook Pro (13 inches), the more advanced MacBook Pros (14 and 16 inches), the iMac, the Mac mini and the new Mac Studio are all stamped “M”, it is not yet the case of the biggest, the strongest destined to dominate them all: the Mac Pro.

The Mac Pro is the computer tower that represents the quintessential niche need. Its renewal is rare, and the latest version dates back to 2019, one before the start of the transition to in-house chips produced by Apple. This fully modular Mac Pro can therefore house processors and graphics cards from AMD and Intel. In 2022, that almost rings false.

It is therefore with impatience that we await the arrival of the ultimate successor to the most advanced machine that Apple has to offer, with inside a SoC which, as we suspect, should go even (much) further than what the Mac Studio can do with its M1 Ultra chip. Corn after Mark Gurman, we’ll have to wait a little longer.

The renowned informant tells us:

Apple had intended to unveil the Mac Pro already, but its arrival is delayed for several reasons, including production concerns, significant changes in strategy for the company and a potential relocation of the manufacturing site.

After deciding to launch a Mac Pro based on the M1 chip, Apple chose to wait for the M2 generation for the Mac Pro, with a long-awaited “M2 Extreme”, at least twice as powerful as M1 Ultra, including up to 48-core CPU, 152-core GPU. The complexity and the cost of production pushed the company to take its time. We will therefore have to fall back on 2023.

More than 10,000€ the basic Mac Pro M2 Extreme?

You could equip your Mac Pro with an M2 Ultra chip, the basic chip in this model, but also with an M2 Extreme chip, a more advanced version. And according to Mark Gurman, this latest version should cost around $10,000, i.e. approximately €10,000. Far from being for everyone, the computer will be intended again and again for professionals who will be able to take advantage of all this power.

And you? Are you willing to spend that much on a computer? Give us your opinion, even if we have a small idea of ​​the answer.

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