Apple Airpods Pro Christmas 2022 commercial music: Share the joy

Apple is bringing us a blazing winter in its new Airpods Pro campaign. The music in the ad is the Bhavi & Bizarrap track titled “Puff”.

The Apple Airpods Pro Christmas 2022 ad: Share the joy

In its new Christmas marketing campaign for its Airpods Pro, Apple “Share the joy” chose to take us to Argentina. The film made by the agencies TBWA and Media Arts Lab features a couple who traveled to Buenos Aires to spend a warm Christmas. In the café where they are sitting and which is completely empty except for a woman behind the counter, the two lovers are bored. The TV announces the imminent arrival of Christmas and despite this, no atmosphere. The man then decides to put some music on his Iphone and it activates the sharing function for the Airpods Pro.

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